Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Been Sick...
...for so long now.  It's going on 12 days.  I'm coming out of my fog and took some time to edit photos from 2 recent mini-vacations - Asheville, NC and Key West, FL.  Asheville is, so far, my favorite place on Earth.  The serenity that I experience when I'm there is unlike anything that I've encountered.


We stay in a quaint little cabin that was built in the 1930's - www.theashevillecabins.com

As for the Key West trip - honestly I wasn't looking forward to it at all.  I can't stand the drive to get down there and I'm not really a big partier.  I went for a friend's wedding and had a much nicer time than I thought I would.  The church was absolutely amazing!

And even though it rained later that day, the sunset was brilliant!

Bought myself my very first bauble from www.tiffany.com too!

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