Friday, August 31, 2012

Lots to do this weekend

Almost time for another weekend already, and a long one at that!!!  Hopefully I can get that tennis match in with the boy on Sunday.  Elegant Stitches (the far yarn store) has extended their half off sale until 9/8 so I will most likely be making a trip there again on Saturday.  I know I said nooooo more yarn, but I can't resist.  They are selling the store so once that is finalized they won't have these sale prices again.  May as well stock up!

I need to finish the baby blanket this weekend so that I can start working on holiday gifts.  I've decided that I'm going to make matching wristers for everyone who got a scarf last year.  I also need to work on my own hat/wrister combo so I can finish them before Asheville.  For mine, I'm using a free pattern from garn studios using drops delight yarn.  This is what the final will look like:

Let the weekend begin!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Busy Weekend

Well geesh, where did the weekend go?  I'm still awake listening to the wind and rain from TS Isaac.  I cannot believe how the news hyped this up.  They get everyone in a panic going to buy all the bread, milk, and water.  Then what we end up with is just a worse than normal windy, rainy day.

Even with the pending storm I got to go to the "far yarn store".  I call it that because it's all the way in South Miami.  This place has an amazing selection and everything is half off until the end of August.  I'm so hoping that they are not going out of business because there's really no where else like that in South Florida.

I got more of my favorite Noro (maybe another granny bag?) and some delicious alpaca/silk blend that my son is now begging me to make him a blanket with.  Also got angora that I'll make wristlets out of for the office cause it's unbearably cold in there!

I suppose I'm ready for the work week tomorrow but I could really use just one more day off...

Friday, August 24, 2012

Park Sunset

Thought it was going to storm in the early evening but it turned out to be beautiful.  The humidity went down and we had a nice breeze.  TS Isaac is still making up it's mind where it's going and we're starting to see a bit of the surrounding weather.  Hopefully we'll be able to get in a game of tennis in the morning, then spend the afternoon playing at the yarn store, and finally coffeeeeeee.

Snapped a quick shot of the sunset tonight at the park.  Not as nice as those we get in the winter here but after the dark blue/black skies cleared it was brilliant.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Looooong week...

...tomorrow everything will be back to normal though.

Almost done with my baby blanket.  Have to block, then join all the squares and put a pretty edging on it.  It's for a girl and she's not due until December, so I have lots of time.

Finally uploaded some of the pics from vacation.  I need to edit them and make them all pretty before I post more.  They were dredging at the Sanibel/Captiva border so there were LOTS of shells!

We went around collecting all these creatures for our sand castle moat one day.  Since they had animals in them we couldn't take any of these shells home with us.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Okay, social media break is over.  I kind of knew this would happen if I started a blog.  I have good intentions to post regularly, nevertheless life gets in the way.  All these quirky thoughts that I have during the day should be gotten out here and instead they disappear into the ether.

Let's see how the summer went: vacation in Sanibel was awesome; got a new tattoo; work is busy as ever (I'm convinced the "PCI Council" is just a racket for technology companies to make money); school has started (thank the universe these kids are not sleeping all day anymore); Pinterest is a time suck (but I'm addicted); crocheting a baby blanket and a loooong blanket for my super tall boy; made some awesome slippers for by niece, and looking forward to a fall vacation in Asheville.

Shiva's Trident and a lost star

Kimmi's Slippers