Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome to 2013

This has been my view for the past month.  I'm taking all the pretties down this weekend and will surely miss it.

I've never been big on resolutions.  I was brought up being taught to "do what you say you're going to do" so I struggle commitments of that sort.  This mentality has helped me be a good parent, a good worker, and, for the most part, good to myself.  If I did have a resolution, it would be the same one that I've had for the past three years - use less paper towels.  Sounds weird right?  I guess overall, I would like to be less wasteful.  So conjuring up an awareness of something so commonplace seems like a good start.

Have I actually kept to my resolution?  I dunno really.  I mean, I certainly don't keep count, but I am aware that I can just as easily pick up a washable towel instead of paper for wet hands, spills, and wiping off the counter.

Other awarenesses that I want to create in 2013 are:
Play the edge
Practice Presence
Stop being a "doer"
Find my "I am-ness"
Delay decisions
Know my limits
Be perfectly imperfect

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  1. It's so sad taking down the Christmas Tree isn't it? That's such a lovely tree!!