Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Okay, social media break is over.  I kind of knew this would happen if I started a blog.  I have good intentions to post regularly, nevertheless life gets in the way.  All these quirky thoughts that I have during the day should be gotten out here and instead they disappear into the ether.

Let's see how the summer went: vacation in Sanibel was awesome; got a new tattoo; work is busy as ever (I'm convinced the "PCI Council" is just a racket for technology companies to make money); school has started (thank the universe these kids are not sleeping all day anymore); Pinterest is a time suck (but I'm addicted); crocheting a baby blanket and a loooong blanket for my super tall boy; made some awesome slippers for by niece, and looking forward to a fall vacation in Asheville.

Shiva's Trident and a lost star

Kimmi's Slippers

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