Sunday, August 26, 2012

Busy Weekend

Well geesh, where did the weekend go?  I'm still awake listening to the wind and rain from TS Isaac.  I cannot believe how the news hyped this up.  They get everyone in a panic going to buy all the bread, milk, and water.  Then what we end up with is just a worse than normal windy, rainy day.

Even with the pending storm I got to go to the "far yarn store".  I call it that because it's all the way in South Miami.  This place has an amazing selection and everything is half off until the end of August.  I'm so hoping that they are not going out of business because there's really no where else like that in South Florida.

I got more of my favorite Noro (maybe another granny bag?) and some delicious alpaca/silk blend that my son is now begging me to make him a blanket with.  Also got angora that I'll make wristlets out of for the office cause it's unbearably cold in there!

I suppose I'm ready for the work week tomorrow but I could really use just one more day off...

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