Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wool Eater - Larger Motif Decoded

Ok, so I've gotten the third color finished.  I had to unravel a bunch last night around 2 am because I ended up with 16 wheels and a wonky motif.  So, if you follow the Sarah London pattern but want to do more than 2 colors, in the valleys or flat edges you will need to do a total of 10 treble crochets together instead of 8 need to read, re-read, then follow the instructions as they are written the corners get the regular cluster of 4 together.  Corners get 12 tr, and valleys get 8 tr to form the wheels.  Also note that the Sarah London pattern is not in US terms - dtr in her pattern is tr in US.

I am really liking the colors that I chose, but this is not a pattern for instant gratification.  The third color took a really long time and I really don't think I will be able to finish one motif consisting of all 6 colors and a white border each week.  However, I do think this is going to make an amazing blanket and I am enjoying participating in my first CAL!

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  1. Not being familair with UK directions, I came upon Sarah London's blog and loved her wool-eater pattern. I made an oblong scarf, a square handbag, and an oblong shoulder wrap using the pattern. I loved them. I used a double treble stitch for all of them. Now I know I should have used a treble. Oops! I wondering what else I did incorrectly in the pattern!